"The gray outlines of the little fishing-boat slowly faded in the mist lying over the sea, till at last they disappeared altogether. She was the boat which had brought us here, and half an hour before we had been still aboard with her skipper and crew. Now we were on our own, "stranded" on Floreana, this lonely island. Behind us lay the sea and the shifting mist, above us the sky, infinite as the sea and a dismal grey. Ahead lay the future we had ourselves chosen, our new life."

With these words begins the story in which Margaret Wittmer tells the world about the first, permanent colony on the Island of Floreana in the Galapagos Archipelago. This quote is from her book, "Postlagernd Floreana: A Robinson family in the Galapagos Island" - Editorial Juventud - Barcelona 1960 - translated to Spanish from the original, German edition published in 1959. The book enjoyed a broad success, was translated into several languages and covers the events surrounding the arrival of the Wittmers to Floreana in 1932.

Given the economic and political reality in the Germany of 1930, Heinz and Margret Wittmer took the decision to change their lives in a radical way.

They arrived at Floreana accompanied by 14-year old Harry Wittmer, Heinz` son from his first marriage. Heinz was in frail health apparently due to rheumatic heart disease. Margret was in the fourth month of her first pregnancy. They had to bring with them, everything they could imagine which would be essential to life there which included to run an adventure of which barely they knew the beginning, but in any way the end. Besides two shepherd dogs, they brought along tents, clothes, cleaning articles, tools, seeds, kitchen´s devices and all that seemed useful to them.

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