“I did not see how they were all going to be squeezed in so that I could offer them refreshments. I managed somehow, though it was a tight fit, and they all seemed very content with our hospitality. Heinz and Harry took time off, so we could all enjoy a wonderful break from our normal routine.”

“I tried not to worry, even though I had twenty-three guests in the house that day [..] The majority of the guests ate sitting outside on the stone veranda, with coffee and sandwiches in their hands, feeling very satisfied in spite of all… That night, I swore to myself:

Anyone who comes here, rich or poor, white or black, shall always find this an open house.”

“I believe I have kept that vow through all the years, and hundreds of people who came to the house as strangers have left it as friends. Indeed many of them helped us wonderfully in return, especially during the war.”