“Deep down inside, I was a bit scared about having this second baby. We are alone on the island now... there was no Ritter to perform an emergency operation if anything went wrong.

My mind was not eased till we had our next visitors, men from "Dar Pormoza", a Polish training ship. There was a doctor among them, he examined me and told me everything was all right, I had no need to worry.

I confided to him that I felt homesick. "That is bad," he said, "and not even very sensible, I am afraid. Things look rather black in Europe, you know, it is a bit like sitting on top of your Galapagos volcanoes. There is a lot of rumbling underneath, and one feels it may erupt any time."

"I knew the long tormenting wait was nearly over. Water was boiled, and everything was set out which I might need, even drugs and medical appliances in case anything went wrong, though I hoped of course that these would not be needed. The night began, dragging on interminably...

But at midnight I heard a cry. Automatically I grabbed one of the diapers I had piled within reach near my bed, wrapped the child up, and laid it down by me. That was the last small effort I was capable of, after that I collapsed on to the pillows exhausted.

A few minutes later I was shaken by convulsive shivering. Heinz was quietly and skillfully doing all that was necessary, but when he saw my violent shudders he had a bad shock.

I wished for myself in the hour just after her birth, that one of the doctors who had turned up before would come now, when we really need them [.]”