"The last few months we had no rain at all, and the island presented a dismal sight. Dead animals lay around; when you got near them, you could see flies swarming round the bodies. The spring had only enough water left for bare essentials, and would give out altogether if the drought persisted much longer. The blazing heat dried everything up; we tried to keep at least our vegetable plants alive so that we should have some fresh food in the immediate future. Things looked even grimmer at Frido Farm, Ritter told us he was thinking of distilling sea-water and bringing it up to his plantation, if rain did not come soon."

" Mielche´s visit to Floreana was all too short for our liking, but soon all the ships had gone, and we were back to our solitude and daily cares, including the drought, for it was the dry season."

".and by July the long drought was over at last. The rain came down in real cloudbursts, swiftly reviving both animals and plants, if nearly drowning them at first. It had been a struggle, but we had brought our garden vegetables safely through, and now we could harvest our own produce again.