12 th July, 1936

"- Tell me, Mr. Wittmer, what do you think of the Hittler regime?

The bit of bread I was eating stuck in my throat. [ . ]

How was a German to answer such a question? I had of course, told Heinz my impression of Germany the previous year. [ . ] I found myself very uneasy at political and social developments in Germany.[.] Admittedly many of my fellow-countrymen seemed very optimistic, talked of a better future for Germany. [.] It was both painful and alarming to see. Ruthlessly suppressing all possible opponents. And already persecuting harmless Jewish citizens."

But my husband showed his usual presence of mind, and after only the briefest hesitation came out with. [.] The admiral looked at Heinz, then at me. Then he stood up, raised his glass, and with a slight bow towards each of us said: "I respect your attitude, and may God’s blessing be on your work here". After this no word of politics was spoken this might have spoiled a wonderful evening."

".thought the warships we saw from Olympus , replacing the millionaires, elegant white menacing-looking guns pointed skyward - so that we felt at any moment they might thunder across the sea in our direction."