"- I made quite a decent desk," Rolf had remarked to him, "so with your expert advice I should be able to build some sort of boat."

"We had very old friends staying in one of the guest-rooms, friends who had known Rolf since he was a very small boy: Irving and Electa Johnson in yet another cruise of the Yankee. Irving sat up half the night with my menfolk, discussing Rolf’s new project, a fishing boat.

“He and Heinz had already worked out a construction plan from the specifications in an American magazine, but Irving Johnson was naturally able to modify the design a good deal in the light of his long experience. The only available wood was the surplus from the house building, and it was very hard."

"There were swarms of fish in the waters round Floreana [.] Harry and Rolf went out in the boat soon after the launching, and collected plenty of bacalao."

"Soon even "Inge" (the name of the little fishing boat) would not be good enough, but if they caught enough in her, they could hope to buy their own motorized fishing boat [.] They could certainly make a good living by fishing during the season and working on the farm the rest of the year, above all planting coffee."