Fully Equipped Saloons

Project designed to increase the competitiveness of students in Amazonas State School by offering free formal training in English and Basic Computer Management. The program also contemplates the informal training of students in leadership skills and a community tourism model for the Island.

Air Conditioned Rooms

Program to encourage the participation of candidates in the Naturalist Guide Courses. The program offers an incentive called “Rolf Wittmer Grant”. Coordinated and managed by the Foundation with the participation of Supporting Organizations.

Monthly Membership

Project designed for the development of an e - Learning Center in Santa Cruz Island (Galapagos Islands). The main objective of the project is to create the infrastructure for developing top of the line training programs with the local community under a cost effective and massive schema.

Margaret Wittmer


You can learn how was the experience of been in Galapagos for the first time


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